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Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat Eng Sub Full 720p Hd Movie [2022]




Meanwhile, Anjali is struggling to find a suitable groom for Radhika. After one day of marriage, it turns out that Bhankey is Radhika's husband. Radhika knows Bhankey is Anjali's husband and is determined to get him back. She sends her henchmen to kill Bhankey. Despite being taken care of by his wife, Radhika tells him that she loves him. Once again, Bhankey is forced to leave the house. Episode-20 After he arrives in London, Bhankey gets his divorce from Radhika and takes on the name of Mr. Sharma. A few days later, Bhankey and Anjali get married. While leaving for marriage, Anjali is attacked by a gangster. She falls in front of the car and her body gets broken. Bhankey tells everyone that it was an accident. The police are also involved in the matter. While the police is searching for the gangster, Anjali tells Bhankey that she is pregnant. She also says that she loves him. Episode-21 The gangster dies. Anjali is left with her child. The police is about to arrest Bhankey but the charges are dropped. Bhankey and Anjali finally get their marriage blessed by Bhankey's parents. After the ceremony, Bhankey and Anjali return home. The mother in law tries to kill Anjali. On the advice of the police, Bhankey saves Anjali and leaves. Bhankey and Anjali decide to get their baby adopted. Bhankey also tells Anjali that he will try his best to help the police catch the criminals. When the father of the child comes to know the truth, he is infuriated and tries to kill Anjali and Bhankey. Anjali protects Bhankey and tells the truth to the police. Cast Main Cast Rajpal Yadav as Radhika Sharma Shatrughan Sinha as Bhankey Sharma Anjana Sukhani as Anjali Sharma Manish Khanna as Inspector Madanlal Neha Dhupia as Bhankey's Mother Ajay Devgn as Manav Sharma (Bhankey's Father) Supporting Cast Vrajesh Hirjee as Hukum Baba




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Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat Eng Sub Full 720p Hd Movie [2022]

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