The new myHult News and Events app

Author: Christina Connell, Chief Editor from "The Courage"

Rumour had it last year that there was something about an app going on. The HSA had done some surveys, so we could smell something coming. And it has come. The new MyHult News and Event app is up and running! We have talked with Heidi, from IT, and with Lloyd Whitelegg, Student Services Coordinator and Heidi Claassen, Director of Operations, and this is all you need to know about the app.

“The News and Events section has transformed into our new myHult App, stemming from student feedback. This is the first stage of us consolidating platforms and ensuring you guys have great user experience with news and events” says Heidi. The app now includes your personal calendar (Schedule), which includes your courses and any events you have signed up to via Eventbrite using your Hult email address. Under Notifications, you will see news, alerts, and announcements. Announcements are from the events you have signed up to or a particular group you are in ie. the ‘London - All Undergraduate’ group which everyone at the London campus is a part of. All these options to access news and events are at your fingertips. But more is coming!

“What we are trying to achieve is students to interact with the school using their mobiles which we haven't been able to do in recent years. So we want to add features that you guys use the most to this app. For example, as you often book team rooms, we want to add a feature to book rooms. Our next addition to the app will be that.” These are all great news for us. The app is being built around our very needs, and although not clear yet if our bookings will show on the “Schedule”, we will all thank being able to book rooms from our phones. Booking appointments to faculty and staff members will be added, too, she added.

“The sky is the limit” is how Lloyd put into words the potential for development and improvement of the app. “We work quite closely with the developers. Essentially, we can make a list of things to add to the app” and work on it. “If it is not there now it can be added”. “What I need from students as I go on and adding things to the app is to keep receiving feedback” concludes Heidi. Over the next academic year, small focus groups will be organised to find out what works and what do students want most. Using our feedback, developers will be able to see what kind of features are possible. So if you have any ideas and feedback, speak to our HSA - Nour or HSA President, Sabrina Frischmann, Head of Student Life and Dea Balaj, Head of Communications.

The app has the potential to benefit everyone. Lloyd has confirmed his hope that the app will increase both attendance to and awareness about events since you will be able to see your classes and the events you have signed up for all in once. The chances of you losing track are reduced.

It’s a shame that at the time of writing the app is not yet available in the Apple Store, letting iPhone users to only use the desktop version at the moment – although this is exactly like the phone app. We are all eager to see where the app takes off from here.

As a final remark form Lloyd please note the following: “Going forward, if you don't sign up with your school email address to the events on Eventbrite, that order will be cancelled and you will have to sign up again with your Hult one. Otherwise, it can be anyone in the street, really, showing up to the event”. You’ve heard it.

What are your thoughts on the app? Go on to our website,, and let us know there!

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