Greetings from The Global Gazette

“The Global Gazette”. The process of choosing our name was an extremely long, hard, and complex stage. How long? Well, about 5 months long. How hard? Over 10 names and variations between them hard. How complex? Deciding whether to keep everything democratic, or letting a few people choose the final name. From “The International”, to “The Hult Silver Heart”, some names came closer to being official than others. We harped on ideas ranging from having to include “Hult” in the name of the school newspaper to somehow having the newspaper linked to Boston. We then eventually settled on simply having a link to Hult’s central idea of diversity, and a strange, but an intriguing synonym for "newspaper". Thus was born- The Global Gazette.

We serve not as a voice (the cliché used for most newspapers), but as an extension for students and their interests to be shared amongst their fellow students. The former iteration of the Hult Newspaper was called “The Hultian” and, unfortunately, it died as so many clubs at Hult Boston tended to do given that only Postgraduate students were taught here up until Fall of 2018.

Then came Boston’s first class of undergraduates, and soon followed the collaboration to reincarnate the newspaper and make it into something that will outlast any single group of people. A newspaper that would survive the very possible threats of rotation, graduation, or the dreaded- elimination. From our writers and editors to our photographers and reporters, and the soon-to-be elected section-heads, we really strive to bring a sense of professionalism to any news you decide to engage with as a member of the global Hult community. For now, the Global Gazette is one of Hult International Business School’s many clubs, but as discussed with the school’s higher management, our goal is to become an independent organization working with, not under Hult.

The Gazette was formed in April of 2019, by Chief-Editor Rodrigo Nazarian after realizing that there was a real need for a school newspaper to simply share personal and pertinent information with the student body. As a new organization, we worked with the school to really try and make the newspaper into a reality. One thing about starting anything is that the founders must go from turning something that is a raw idea into an existing product that we can actually offer to people. In business terms- a Value Proposition.

The uniqueness of the newspaper was no doubt spearheaded by the incredible level of diversity existent at Hult. Very few other schools or organizations for that matter possess the sheer number of nationalities, cultures, spoken languages, and personal viewpoints and experiences that the average Hult student and faculty-member possesses. From the end of the Academic Year at the end of April to the beginning of Fall Semester 2019, more and more ideas were streaming in about our name, our constitution and what we stand for as a club, what we will offer, and how we will grow.

During the summer we were able to establish a connection with Hult London’s newspaper- The Courage- and thus form the first direct link between Hult Campuses and their Clubs and Organizations. We have established a collaboration through which we will be exchanging articles with The Courage on a consistent basis, in order to further expand and diversify the number of articles and material we have available. The Courage definitely presented a great partner for such an event. From a growth perspective, this is definitely a great example of one of the many goals and visions of The Global Gazette, and the organization being a long-lasting branch and symbol of Hult and its students.

If you write, have experience or interest in reporting, do any photography, or are really familiar with and just passionate about the English language and you can edit, you are more than welcome to join this burgeoning Global Gazette family. If none of those things is your fancy, your valued support by simply following the Gazette as it progresses during its lifetime and produces content, will definitely mean just as much to us.

From our Chief-Editor: Rodrigo Nazarian (Brazil), Head of Operations: Lukas Isenberg (Germany), Head of Finance: Vaibhav Panwar (India), Content Developer: Sabino Czar IV Manglicmot (Philippines), Head of Marketing: Prachetas Kanisetty (India), Head of Design: Chris Calderaro Correa (Brazil), Public Relations Team: Ana-Laura Naliati (Brazil), Melina Silva (Brazil), Natalia Cubarsí (Spain), and Saniya Zharassova (Kazakhstan), and myself (Co-Editor-in-Chief from South Africa/DRC) we really hope to bring you the best newspaper we possibly can, for now and the foreseeable future.

Thank you.

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