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The Global Gazette Mission & Vision:

The Global Gazette strives to be a transparent, accurate, and professional source of objective, local Hult Boston news. We also aim to reflect the singular perspectives and stories of the individuals that make up this Boston community. From our management team all the way to all our key individual staff members, we ensure to uphold the diversity of culture, experience, and backgrounds through our newspaper; and to truly embody the international DNA that makes up Hult International Business School.

Our Team

Rodrigo Nazarian

Hello everyone, my name is Rodrigo Nazarian, I am 21 years old and originally from Brazil. I have always dreamed of a career in Journalism, being part of the editorial team of a big newspaper. Being the Chief Editor of the Global Gazette is the materialisation of this dream. It is both an honor and a pleasure to serve as the voice of the students here at Hult.

Bemboli Mozagba

I’m from South Africa and the DRC. I am a writer and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Global Gazette. I really enjoy going to the gym, writing (poetry and articles with a few short stories here and there), listening to music and dancing, and I really hope that you enjoy our content.

Lukas Isenberg

Born and raised in good old Germany, as we would say. I've played tennis for years and decided to study abroad even though I really miss my decent city in the heart of my country.  I'm basically responsible for everything that is going on here on the website, so don't be too tough about it.

Laura Naliati

Greetings everyone. My name is Ana Laura Naliati, but people usually call me "Laura", and I'm a member of the Marketing Team and Journalist for The Global Gazette. I'm from a very small town in Brazil and, like a true Sagittarian, my strong curiosity and desire to explore the unknown has led me to the most different of places, and one of them was Hult. I love being outside, enjoying nature, doing sports, and I'm also very fond of arts, being a self-taught player of guitar, ukulele, and piano.

Natalia Cubarsi

I am a BBA student at Hult, coming from Spain, and I am majoring in finance and business analytics. Outside of class I love skiing and practicing snow sports, as well as writing and studying. Right now my "dream job" is being a financial analyst at The Wall Street Journal. The first step to achieve this job is being part of an amazing newspaper, The Global Gazette. 

Prachetas Kanisetty

I was born in India but raised in Nigeria. My experience studying in Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia has opened the reach of my cultural awareness spectrum quite a bit. I love playing Rugby and getting to know people, so don't be afraid to approach me in person!

Melina Bazan

I'm Brazilian, born and raised in São Paulo. I'm happy to be a part of The Global Gazette team this year. Being raised in one of the biggest cities in the world created the sense of always wanting to explore new things as it means there is always something new to discover. I am passionate about telling stories, or just anything that involves talking and sharing. Music, learning, and making people laugh are the most important things in my life (and popcorn, sorry I can't live without this too).

Chris Calderaro Correa

I am Chris Correa, I was born in Florida but raised in North Brazil, in a city in the middle of the Amazon! I am passionate about art and I believe it is extremely powerful to heal, transform, and communicate messages.
I am interested in meeting new people and learning new things! 
Feel free to reach out to me whenever.

Vaibhav Panwar

My name’s Vaibhav but I’m also known as Pablo around these parts. I was born in India and spent my first 19 years shifting camps across the diverse lands of the subcontinent, no I’m not a Gypsy or a nomad (though I wish I was). I like traveling, making memes, dogs, economics, numbers, hiking, camping, and a bunch of other outdoors stuff. My job here at The Global Gazette is to make sure that we’re financially stable and can fund our creative adventures, I’ll also be pitching in with content whenever my creative juices flow. I hope that you find our content interesting!

Hugo Amat Granier De Cassagnac

Saniya Zharassova

Sabino Czar L. Manglicmot IV

I’m 17 and I was born and raised in France. 
What else? I’m passionate about Politics and International Relations. I also enjoy Film and Music. I’ll be writing for the Gazette about different topics, so don’t hesitate to reach me by email or phone if you have any suggestions or questions about an article.

I am from Kazakhstan, but I would like to become a global citizen as much as anything. The concept means quite a lot to me. As a citizen of Kazakhstan  which is integrating into the world community very quickly, I understand how close each nation is becoming in relation to others. Hult is a remarkable example of how diverse the world can be, and being a part of the Global Gazette can help me to both broaden my horizons as well as develop my professional skills.

I know, from above, you are wondering what name I go by. You can just simply call me by my nickname - “Bam”. I’m a pure Filipino - born and raised in the Philippines. The only bribes that work on me are chocolate and sweets. I love outdoor activities, but I also enjoy being a couch potato.
I am the Content-Editor here in the Global Gazette. I know I do not look approachable so trust me when I say “Don’t be afraid to approach me”. 
I hope you enjoy the content.